Yoga Raanana

Omyoga is dedicated to benefits your physical, mental and spiritual needs.
The classes are taught  by Shani Sharon a senior Ashtanga yoga teacher and Ayurveda therapist. 


The studio holds a maximum of 12 practitioners per class!
Whatever your age and fitness level, there are classes to suit you.

Classes are suitable for all levels: basic classes for beginners, advanced classes (first and second series), Mysore style (self-practice with adjustments), meditation courses, private classes, workshops and Ayurvedic consultations.

All classes include vinyasa (flowing asana sequence) pranayama (breathing exercises),
meditation, Sanskrit chanting, Yogic philosophical teachings and how they relate to our everyday life and savasana (deep relaxation).

Yoga is a path, journey to help free ourselves from our patterns, conditioning, automatic behaviors and Ego. 

Omyoga studio

Om yoga in Ra`anana – Yeziat Eropa 13
Contact me for information or any questions
Shani – 0508899142,

2018 Class Timetable



# 8:30-10:00

לימודי העמקה # 10:30-13:30#

קורס מורים# 9:00-14:00#

נפתחה הרשמה# לקורס מורים # סדרה 2 #

# 20:00-21:30

# 8:30-10:00 #

# 20:00-21:30

# 19:30-21:00

# 8:30-10:00

10:45-12:45# סדרה שנייה#

# 8:30-10:00

קורס מורים # דו שנתי#החלה ההרשמה#

לנובמבר 2019 # 8:00-13:00
שת"פ: רפואה | בריאות | שמלת כלה | יוגה ברעננה | קידום אתרים  | טיפולי איורוודה  |  יוגה בהרצליה  |  יוגה רעננה